28 May 2013
The ENERGY STAR Advantage with Andersen and ProVia

To be selected as a vendor for ABE Doors and Windows, a manufacturer must demonstrate top quality in every aspect of its products, procedures and services. The need for this speaks for itself: Unless we pass along the best goods and services from the manufacturer, we can't meet the standards we set for ourselves.

You'll see an important element of this in the ENERGY STAR ratings carried by two of ABE's premier manufacturers, Andersen and ProVia. In our industy and beyond, both are recognized as pacesetting providers - and both are dedicated to the environmental benefits provided by meeting ENERGY STAR's stringent requirements.

The ProVia website puts it this way: "Since 2002, our engineers have worked closely with leading agencies in the industry like ENERGY STAR that dedicate themselves to environmental responsibility. We work hard to produce professional-class doors and custom replacement windows that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR criteria and proudly display the distinctive blue label on our products."

Andersen's involvement in environmental issues is no less intense. In 1999, it was the first window manufacturer to be named an ENERGY STAR National Window Partner of the Year. This year, Andersen received the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence distinction, awarded to firms that have been Partner of the Year three or more times in a row. (ProVia has won Partner of the Year and Sustained Excellence awards on multiple occasions.)

From a customer standpoint, ENERGY STAR has real importance. More than a mark of quality, it registers the kind of manufacturing that delivers legitimate energy savings in real-world installations. ENERGY STAR products can help us all conserve fuel and release less greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Offering such products is good for our customers and our world. ABE IS proud to be part of the effort.

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