20 February 2015
What Does An R-18 Insulated Garage Door Mean?
Raynor Affina R-18 insulated garage door, steel sandwich construction, includes door sections and hardware

On this record cold morning of -2 degrees, with the wind chill feel of -21 in Allentown, all of us are thinking about energy efficient products to keep your home as warm as possible. A.B.E. Doors & Windows sells the Raynor Affina garage door that has one of the highest insulating values on the market, R-18. Like most consumers, this number means nothing to them when you just say it. So I decided to perform a little experiment at my home this morning to explain what it means. I have two Raynor Affina 9’w x 7’h garage doors installed on my garage at home. My garage is attached to my home, but is not heated. I took a picture on my GMC Acadia’s dash board with the car parked in the garage. The temperature read 32 degrees. After I drove 3 miles to work, the temperature read -6 degrees. So when I ask the question, “What does an R-18 insulated garage door mean to your home?” I can say it kept my garage 34 degrees warmer than the actual temperature outside!

21 November 2014
ProVia's Embarq Entrance System – Setting Standards in Door Technology
ProVia's Embarq entrance door is a thick fiberglass door with advanced insulation technology, including dual perimeter seals, bottom sweep, and special insulating channels in the side rails and headers.

When we think about technological improvements, entrance doors aren't necessarily the first thing that come to mind. Truth is, there are doors out there that are so new and advanced that they set entirely new standards in categories like green performance, product longevity, and smart use of materials. Here's a case in point: the Embarq entrance door from ProVia. Embarq is a fiberglass door. At first glance, it looks like an attractive, premium representative of its class. Only when you check it out detail by detail do you understand why it's such a departure - and such an improvement - over its predecessors. It's thicker than standard doors - 43 percent thicker to accommodate more insulation. It's made with dual perimeter seals to reinforce that insulating performance. It comes with a bottom sweep to keep unwanted elements and uncomfortable temperatures on the outside. And special insulating channels in the side rails and headers top off its outstanding insulating effectiveness. The advantages of Embarq doors aren't only about insulation. The doors come with specially designed, ultra-durable thresholds. The lock area is reinforced to keep the door latching and locking smoothly for years to come. Four heavy-duty ball-bearing hinges are standard. And the surfaces of the door, inside and out, are as beautiful as they are lasting. ProVia is the only door company to win the Energy Star partner of the year award for door manufacturing. We think they've outdone themselves with Embarq - the most energy-efficient entry door system on the U.S. market. To learn more, call ABE Doors & Windows at 610-398-2430 or stop by our offices on Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown.

02 October 2014
Signs that it’s time for replacement windows

The habit of putting things off runs deep in a lot of us. But the good news is that sometimes a few hints are all it takes to get us moving on something important.

Here's an example - what should a homeowner look for in deciding it's time to replace the windows? Here's a list of telltale signs.

- You see moisture fogging up the glass between panes.

- Panes are loose in the frame.

- You're feeling drafts around the windows.

- On really cold or windy days, the cold seems to be penetrating right through the glass.

- The sashes show signs of rot.

- Weatherstripping is torn, damaged or missing altogether.

- The window is hard to open or close.

Very often, windows that need replacement will show more than one of these problems. That's when it's time to call in a reputable replacement window company for a look.

Replacement windows are designed and built to knock out the kinds of problems we've listed here. They usually incorporate multiple panes, often with protective coatings and super-insulating gas between those panes. Their frames have built-in baffles to help retard air infiltration. The windows function the way they were built to for many, many years. And they're made to greatly limit the maintenance that's an unavoidable part of trying to keep old wood-framed windows in decent shape.

If you're seeing those warning signs, it's time to stop procrastinating. ABE Doors and Windows will be glad to inspect any windows and suggest appropriate improvements. Call us today at (610) 398-2430 for a no-charge consultation.

15 September 2014
The 2014 Remodeling 550

As of early August, Remodeling magazine published The 2014 Remodeling 550.  After hosting surveys and collecting data, this article lists the biggest remodeling companies in the United States, based on each individual company’s sales, jobs, and prospects.  A.B.E. Doors & Windows has been ranked #124 nationwide for Replacement Contractors – or, rather, companies that focus mostly on exterior home components, such as windows and doors.   We are very happy to have made such an exclusive list along with the great year of business productivity that 2014 has provided us.  A.B.E. Doors & Windows looks forward to creating even more opportunities to better serve our customers within the Lehigh Valley.


15 August 2014
2014 National Top Specialists

We are happy to have been notified that A.B.E. Doors & Windows has been recognized in Window & Door Magazine’s national 2014 Top Specialists rankings.  According to the publication, the Top specialists list is Window & Door’s first effort to identify the largest independently owned specialty window and door companies in the United States, based on sales volume.  In light of celebrating our 40th anniversary as an independently owned and operated business, we are honored to have been recognized nationally and published as a Top Specialist.  A.B.E. Doors & Windows is excited to continue moving forward, especially as we transition into the second generation of our company.   As we gain a much grander perspective of all that is to come in the future, we look forward to continuing and expanding upon the services that we offer to homeowners and businesses in the Lehigh Valley.



05 August 2014
Longevity and Service Strength

Anyone who looked at the employment records of employees at ABE Doors & Windows would notice one consistent fact - the longevity of the workforce. Associates at ABE Doors & Windows tend to stay with us for the long haul.

Case in point: our standout troubleshooter and service technician, Bob Blickley. With more than a quarter of a century on the job, Bob has spent the last 10 years as a top field man, solving service issues on every kind of door and window.

Though ABE service techs will take care of just about any door or window that needs attention, Bob knows that real problems often happen where the installation wasn't done by experts in the first place. "Yeah, there is a difference between our installations and others we see," he said. "There are some real disasters out there."

Bob, who lives in Macungie with his wife and 16-year-old daughter, was trained on the job by ABE's own skilled company personnel. His work takes him all over our service area: Reading to New Jersey, Quakertown to Pen Argyl.

"I work on everything," Bob said. "It's probably what I like best about my job, that the work's not the same every day."

What does it mean when a tech has 26 years of service behind him? To the customer who needs service done promptly and well, it means that the person on the job has the background to quickly assess what needs to be done, then promptly follow through with repairs that are complete and correct, so that everything's taken care of the first time.

"The main thing at ABE is that Jim Lett (company president) wants everything done right," Bob said. "So I can tell customers straight - that's how it's going to be."