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07 April 2021
5 Common Window Hazards
5 Common Window Hazards


As we transition into warmer days, many of us are opening windows to allow the cool breezes in. As you reopen your home this spring, take note of these potential window hazards and correct any areas to ensure your home is safe for all.



Depending on the screen to keep things in.

Window screens do an excellent job of keeping bugs and critters from entering your home. They are not designed to handle a child or pet pushing on them from the inside. Don’t rely on them to handle that kind of weight. 

15 March 2021
Signs You May Need to Replace Your Garage Door Opener
Signs You May Need to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

We all have long lists of home improvements we want to get accomplished. Replacing your garage door opener is probably not on the top of that list, but at some point, it will need to be replaced. Look for these tell-tale signs it may be time to swap this model for one that has more power, better reliability and smart home features.


The overall unit seems sluggish.

Your opener works hard to raise your garage door every day. The average opener is lifting and closing that heavy door about 1500 times a year. While garage doors, with proper maintenance, can last 20 to 30 years, the life expectancy of an opener is around 10 years. All that wear and tear will start to catch up eventually. If you see that the door is opening slower than usual or seems to be catching and jerking slightly, it is probably time to replace your unit. 

17 February 2021
Winter Weather Insulation
Winter Weather Insulation


Can you really work in this kind of weather?” We hear this a lot when the temperatures turn chilly and the snow starts to fly. The answer is YES, we can complete many product installations, so you don’t need to delay areas that need replacement.

14 January 2021
Fresh Starts for Your Home
Fresh Starts for Your Home


I think we can all agree, this past year allowed us to really see our homes in a new light. Perhaps this light has revealed some areas that need a little TLC. Consider the following areas or ways you can give your home a boost this coming year.


Be a Clutter Buster

Organizing your home is one of the best ways to start fresh. It can also seem the most overwhelming if you have a lot of people and all the stuff that people come with. If you can focus on two principles, this task can be achieved. One-get rid of things you don’t use or don’t like. Two-only bring things into the home that you need. Both of these things will take time to master, but when you do, you will find the task of maintaining clutter much easier. Start with one room, really evaluate it’s contents and make a keep, donate and trash pile. You may find yourself with extra storage as you go from room to room. Utilize that new found space to help organize the items you are keeping. Invest in quality shelving, baskets or caddies for a homey look.

06 December 2020
Festive Window Decorating
Festive Window Decorating


We’ve spent a lot of our year peering from the inside out. Why not cheer up your windows this holiday season with some simple decorating ideas that will delight you and anyone passing by.


Go Natural

Gather some sprigs of holly, evergreens, birch branches and pine cones. Place in vases of varying height and width. Tie a ribbon around each vessel and display on a window sill.

A simple wreath hanging in every window never fails to delight. A larger window would look stunning with 3 smaller wreathes, hung at various lengths.

A wire hoop with evergreens and holly covering just the bottom portion, makes a clean, modern expression. 

18 November 2020
The Commercial Side of Business
The Commercial Side of Business


Since our humble beginnings over 40 years ago we appreciate the needs of not only the larger companies, but the small Mom & Pop businesses that require commercial windows or entry and garage doors. Here is a brief overview of our commercial products and how they can enhance your business.


Entry Doors

Your front door is the gateway to your business, products and employees. Make sure it gives off a positive first impression, which is so important in today’s business environment. Our doors are constructed with durable steel, provide security and look beautiful. We choose products that are energy efficient and reliable for years to come.

28 October 2020
Keep Your Children Safe from Lead Poison
Keep Your Children Safe from Lead Poison

Every year over 500,000 US children are exposed to harmful levels of lead. Because symptoms are hard to recognize, many children go un-diagnosed for long periods of time. Learn to see the signs of possible lead poisoning and respond quickly to maintain the safety and health of our precious little ones.

18 September 2020
Stay Secure-Tips for Home and Garage
Stay Secure-Tips for Home and Garage


Lights...Camera...Action! Although we associate this phrase within the movie industry, it can be helpful when thinking of ways to keep your home safe. Consider these tips to protect yourself and your belongings.



One of the biggest deterrents to burglars is a well-lit home. Make sure walkways, entrances and the outside of your garage are illuminated well. Anyone targeting your home wants to stay incognito, placing motion sensitive light bulbs near the garage and doors prevents a person lurking around.

17 August 2020
What is Your Front Door Style?
What is Your Front Door Style?


Make a statement with your front door that reflects your personal style and compliments the exterior of your home. Not sure what your style is? Let’s take a look at some common door designs and the features that set them apart.



This look shows clean, straight lines and a smoother door surface. Neutral colors like brown, gray and pewter bring warmth to the design. Frosted or translucent glass would allow light in while maintaining privacy. It has an overall minimalist feel. You may even see wood combined with metals. This style’s door is often over-sized giving it a grand feel.

15 July 2020
Do This, Not That-Organization Tips for the Garage
Do This, Not That-Organization Tips for the Garage


You may be storing items in your garage that are not only taking up space, but should not be stored there in the first place. Let's help you identify these items and find a better home for them.

No one likes to run out of propane when you are grilling for a picnic, but that spare tank should not be tucked away in your garage. Hot temperatures may cause the tank to expand and start leaking gas. One small spark could lead to a fire. Tanks should be kept in a well-ventilated area outside.

03 June 2020
Garage Door Safety Month
Garage Door Safety Month


This month we recognize the importance of garage door safety. Every year over 20,000 people suffer injuries from garage door accidents. We want to lessen that number by mentioning the most common accidents and how to avoid them.

Playing with the doors. Children sometimes view garage doors as a cool “ride”. They cling to the door as it travels up & down the tracks or race to see if they can duck under the door before it closes. Prevent this by explaining the dangers & enforcing it is not a toy. You may also want to include that the button to open or close the door is off limits as well and only to be used by an adult.

14 May 2020
Spring Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Spots
Spring Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Spots


The past few weeks have allowed us to really focus on some areas of our homes that we may not always get to. Many of us have been spring cleaning and getting our homes ready for warmer weather. While you've probably hit all the familiar areas, let's walk you through some spots you may have missed.

In the Kitchen

Your counters are probably wiped clean at the end of the day, but when was the last time you gave some attention to your back-splashes? No doubt they see their fair share of food, splashed beverages and dish water. Wipe them down with warm water with a few drops of soap.

The trash can see all kinds of goodies thrown in it through-out the week, and even the best liner can't stop a tear here and there. All of a sudden, that old spaghetti sauce you thought was contained is inside the can. About once a month, take a peek in there before you replace the liner. Wipe it down inside and out.





16 April 2020
Window Safety April 2020
Window Safety April 2020


As you go about prepping your windows for the warm breezes of spring & summer, take a few minutes to ensure your windows are safe for kids, adults and pets alike.

You may not think of it when planning for emergencies, but if you have a two story (or more) home, you should have an escape plan from those upper floors. Do you have a window on each floor that can be opened quickly and support a ladder for people to climb down? Look at window air conditioners too, are they blocking a potential exit?

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