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18 September 2020
Stay Secure-Tips for Home and Garage
Stay Secure-Tips for Home and Garage


Lights...Camera...Action! Although we associate this phrase within the movie industry, it can be helpful when thinking of ways to keep your home safe. Consider these tips to protect yourself and your belongings.



One of the biggest deterrents to burglars is a well-lit home. Make sure walkways, entrances and the outside of your garage are illuminated well. Anyone targeting your home wants to stay incognito, placing motion sensitive light bulbs near the garage and doors prevents a person lurking around.

03 June 2020
Garage Door Safety Month
Garage Door Safety Month


This month we recognize the importance of garage door safety. Every year over 20,000 people suffer injuries from garage door accidents. We want to lessen that number by mentioning the most common accidents and how to avoid them.

Playing with the doors. Children sometimes view garage doors as a cool “ride”. They cling to the door as it travels up & down the tracks or race to see if they can duck under the door before it closes. Prevent this by explaining the dangers & enforcing it is not a toy. You may also want to include that the button to open or close the door is off limits as well and only to be used by an adult.

15 August 2019
Twenty Point Service Inspection
Twenty Point Service Inspection


Now, I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but there’s one old adage that always comes around from the people in my life who do—‘Play the ball before it plays you.’ Apparently, it stems from the way you’re supposed to play a ground ball. Once the ball is in play, it does all sort of unexpected things once it hits the ground. It might keep rolling, it might change directions, or it might slow down in the grass. What it won’t do it is roll right into an outfielder’s glove, therefore ‘play the ball before it plays you.’ It’s pretty catchy and is actually pretty helpful in day to day life.

06 June 2019
June is Garage Door Safety Month
June is Garage Door Safety Month


June is garage door safety month. Help prevent accidents and injury by taking a few minutes this week to not only look over your garage door, but the surrounding area for any hazards. We have highlighted some key areas to watch out for as you make the rounds.

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