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18 November 2020
The Commercial Side of Business
The Commercial Side of Business


Since our humble beginnings over 40 years ago we appreciate the needs of not only the larger companies, but the small Mom & Pop businesses that require commercial windows or entry and garage doors. Here is a brief overview of our commercial products and how they can enhance your business.


Entry Doors

Your front door is the gateway to your business, products and employees. Make sure it gives off a positive first impression, which is so important in today’s business environment. Our doors are constructed with durable steel, provide security and look beautiful. We choose products that are energy efficient and reliable for years to come.

14 May 2020
Spring Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Spots
Spring Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Spots


The past few weeks have allowed us to really focus on some areas of our homes that we may not always get to. Many of us have been spring cleaning and getting our homes ready for warmer weather. While you've probably hit all the familiar areas, let's walk you through some spots you may have missed.

In the Kitchen

Your counters are probably wiped clean at the end of the day, but when was the last time you gave some attention to your back-splashes? No doubt they see their fair share of food, splashed beverages and dish water. Wipe them down with warm water with a few drops of soap.

The trash can see all kinds of goodies thrown in it through-out the week, and even the best liner can't stop a tear here and there. All of a sudden, that old spaghetti sauce you thought was contained is inside the can. About once a month, take a peek in there before you replace the liner. Wipe it down inside and out.





16 March 2020
Green Living Tips for Your Home
Green Living Tips for Your Home


This coming April will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Originally started to bring awareness to air and water pollution, the event is now recognized in over 190 countries. The environmental issues may have changed over the years, but the focus of helping our planet remains the same. Let's take a look at some of the ways that are making a big impact now.

Sustainable Goods

These are items that are usually made from raw materials (think bamboo, hemp & organic cotton) that serve a function now, but will also be easily broken down or recycled in the future.

Recent examples would be people using metal straws instead of plastic or choosing reusable sandwich bags in lieu of the fold-over baggies.




18 February 2020
Which Finance Option is Right for You.
Which Finance Option is Right for You.


Home maintenance can be a tricky thing. You can go for years with no issues, and then one day look around and notice not one, but all of your windows are drafty and in sad shape. If you don't have cash set aside to make the necessary improvements to your home's windows, (or door replacement) there are financing options to help you cover this cost. Let's take a look at some common choices.

Using an Existing Credit Card

A great option to consider if the dollar amount is on the lower side. This also avoids you having to open up another loan, which means no waiting for an approval. If you have a credit card that rewards you with cash back that is a nice perk, just make sure you can pay it off in a timely manner so you don't negate that benefit. You may also want to check your current interest rate. If it on the higher side, another loan-type may be a better option.

18 November 2019
The Low Man on the Totem Pole—Top or Bottom?
The Low Man on the Totem Pole—Top or Bottom?


A trend is starting to take shape in our office. Most of these begin with our general manager, Marc, and I having a conversation whereupon one of us will say something the other one questions. Then, I do research and wind up blogging about it. Most recently, I was talking about our newest recruit being “the Low Man on the Totem Pole.” Marc was confused as he thought that the lower figures on the totem pole were the more important ones. That makes sense, but that wasn’t how I understood the saying. Thus, I began to search for the truth. 


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