23 January 2020
Provia’s Speakeasy Door
Provia’s Speakeasy Door


The 1920s was a decade of artistic, social, cultural, and economic growth. After World War I ended, the U.S. normalized itself with the mass introduction of automobiles, telephones, movies, radio, and electrical appliances in most homes. The era heralded in Women’s Right to Vote. The first movie with sound, The Jazz Singer, became a box office smash in 1927. There were milestones in aviation, seeing Charles Lindberg achieve the first solo transatlantic flight. The Chrysler Building was built in 1928 in the new Art Deco style and was then the tallest building of its time. The 1920s was both the Golden Age of Jazz and Radio.

With all these great things happening, it’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia and forget that Prohibition was also active from January, 1920 to December, 1933. Like much of our history, even Prohibition has been romanticized with restaurants and bars shaping themselves as a callback to that era of gangsters and flappers. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of giving a password and being let into a speakeasy to steal a drink under the cover of the star-spangled night? If you’d like to feel that vibe when you come home, Provia has got you covered.

Feast your eyes on Provia’s Signet fiberglass door, styled after the infamous speakeasies of the Roaring 20s. The Knotty Alder fiberglass is complete with faux-knots and non-repeating wood grain. Hand-stained in a variety of colors, you can achieve anything from a bright red door to an old-fashioned wood tone. At ten years, Provia’s finish warranty is the best in the industry.

The Speakeasy-style door completes its grandiose look with embossed high-definition panel planks, hammered metal hinge straps and clavos, and a wrought-iron hatch in the middle. The speakeasy opening is available either with a solid iron door or a seeded glass panel that swings open to receive passwords. Structurally, the Signet door is superior to other fiberglass doors with its dovetailed top and bottom rails, ensuring unmatched strength and durability. All Provia’s products are Energy Star rated to keep your home insulated.

Although the speakeasy door is totally awesome, Provia’s Knotty Alder finish is available without the extravagant quirks of the Roaring 20s. You could still pay homage to our alluring and secretive past using the Speakeasy door as an entrance to a man-cave, she-shed, or entertainment area of your home. Or, you could usher in a new era all your own—it is the Year 2020 after all!

Happy 2020s Everyone!

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