14 May 2020
Spring Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Spots
Spring Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Spots


The past few weeks have allowed us to really focus on some areas of our homes that we may not always get to. Many of us have been spring cleaning and getting our homes ready for warmer weather. While you've probably hit all the familiar areas, let's walk you through some spots you may have missed.

In the Kitchen

Your counters are probably wiped clean at the end of the day, but when was the last time you gave some attention to your back-splashes? No doubt they see their fair share of food, splashed beverages and dish water. Wipe them down with warm water with a few drops of soap.

The trash can see all kinds of goodies thrown in it through-out the week, and even the best liner can't stop a tear here and there. All of a sudden, that old spaghetti sauce you thought was contained is inside the can. About once a month, take a peek in there before you replace the liner. Wipe it down inside and out.

Let's take a good look at your small kitchen appliances. When was the last time you emptied the toaster of crumbs or wiped down the can opener? Keep your coffee machine running well by setting aside a morning to run a few cycles of a vinegar solution. Mix a half a cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water and run it through your normal coffee cycle. After that is done, let coffee maker cool a little and run a cycle of plain water...repeat that process at least two more times.

In the Bathroom

Tub....check, toilet.....check, sink...check.....you've hit all the major spots. Now lets look up to that exhaust fan, chances are you are going to see some built up dust. Grab your vacuum and use your hose to gently suck that dust away.

Combat hardened lime on shower heads and faucets with the vinegar solution again. Place your shower head in a small bowl and let it sit in that solution for a few hours. Use an old toothbrush to help remove the build-up from the small openings. Take some cotton balls soaked in the vinegar solution and place or mold them around any areas of your faucet that may see some build-up. After a few hours remove and wipe down with a rag.

Make-up sponges & brushes often get overlooked too. Let them soak in a warm soapy bath for about 15 minutes. Rinse well and let them stand up-right to dry. Not only will they wear better, but you are also keeping oils and harmful bacteria from entering your pores.



Other Rooms of the Home

Besides your exhaust fan in the bathroom, check out all your vents, air ducts and especially your dryer vent. Clear them all of dust or any thing that may inhibit air flow. Make sure you look at the dryer vent where it exits the home outside. It's amazing how much dust can accumulate there as well.

Look up again to ceiling fans and lighting. A wet microfiber cloth is great for catching all the little dust particles. Shades and blinds will also benefit from a gentle wipe or light vacuuming with the brush attachment. Light bulbs can collect dirt too.....wipe them very gently, when the light is turned off.

Your remote and gaming controls see a lot of action every day. A wipe that contains some disinfectant or mild bleach cleanser is safe for the devices and you.

Vacuuming your mattress every three months is important to keep it free from mites, dander and dust. It also helps to prolong the life of your mattress and the bedding.

Now your house is really sparkling! Enjoy these early days of spring.


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