Ceiling-Mounted Garage Door Openers

Overhead garage door openers are traditionally more popular than alternative wall-mounted models. This type of garage door opener features a rail track and lift you maneuver employing a belt, chain, or screw-drive mechanism. Benefits of an overhead garaged door include:

  • Affordability: compared to jackshaft wall-mounted openers, chain, belt, and screw-drive opener options are far more inexpensive to install, maintain, and repair.
  • Silence: while not technically silent, overhead ceiling openers are much quieter and peaceful than wall-mounted alternatives.
  • Reliable Performance: Overhead garage door openers are built to withstand far heavier weight than wall-mounted models.

Ceiling-Mounted Garage Door Openers at A.B.E.

A.B.E. Doors & Windows sells, installs, and repairs a number of prestigious Liftmaster overhead garage door openers to our customers in the Lehigh Valley. We are licensed dealers and our technicians receive manufacturer training and continuing education on installation and repair protocols.
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