Commercial Fire-Rated Garage Doors

At A.B.E. Doors & Windows, we receive a lot of questions and inquiries about fire-rated garage doors. While some people believe they are necessary only in warehouses or factories involving flammable contents, there are a number of practical reasons to consider a fire-rated garage door for your business. Specifically engineered for fire-rated openings and designed for durability and safety, fire-rated rolling garage doors can also reduce insurance rates and protect inventory. Through the years, they have also become increasingly stylish, with many more options available through A.B.E. Doors & Windows for our Lehigh Valley customers than even twenty years ago.

Commercial Fire-Rated Garage Doors are specialized garage doors designed to meet specific fire safety and building code requirements.

Other features include:

  • Fire-resistance
  • Automatic closing mechanisms
  • Insulation
  • Code compliance
  • Security
  • Additional safety mechanisms available

A.B.E. Fire-Rated Garage Doors are on Fire!

A.B.E. Doors & Windows offers a dynamic inventory of commercial fire-rated garage doors to meet your business needs. Whether you are shopping for a warehouse, a factory, or a public-facing unit, our fire-rated garage doors are customizable based on your preferences. Just talk to one of our award-winning installation technicians and they will do everything to get your beautiful door in as quickly as possible. Available in the Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, and Easton Pa areas, we are eager to work with you on this exciting commercial improvement project.
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