Commercial Garage Doors

Our commercial garage doors offer safety, reliability, durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Compare our commercial garage doors to most of the competition in Allentown, PA and the Lehigh Valley and you'll find thicker steel, leading to better durability and efficiency. We offer a complete line of high quality closure products including rolling service doors, fire-rated doors and security grille products for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail use in the Lehigh Valley, including Allentown, PA.

A.B.E Doors & Windows offers a complete commercial garage door line-up and has a solution to fit your needs!

Commercial Sectional Doors

TriCore Optima

TriCore Optima commercial garage doors are designed for optimum strength, durability and performance.

TriCore Standard

TriCore Standard commercial garage doors provide unparalleled Raynor reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use.

ThermaSeal Standard

ThermaSeal STANDARD commercial garage doors provide proven Raynor reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use.

ThermaSeal Basic

ThermaSeal BASIC commercial garage doors are the practical choice when thermal performance is desired but cost is a consideration.

SteelForm Optima

Commercial garage door with maximum reliability and durability for high security in the most demanding applications.

SteelForm Standard

These 20 and 24-gauge commercial garage doors are offered with the widest selection of quality features and options for the most common product applications.

SteelForm Basic

A simple affordable commercial garage door solution for a typical installation.

StyleForm Optima

Commercial two-sided steel garage door is the perfect combination of beauty, strength and thermal efficiency.

StyleForm Standard

Commercial one-sided steel garage door is a reliable performer when a classic, raised-panel appearance is desired.

StyleForm Basic

A simple solution for typical commercial garage door applications.

AlumaView Optima

A commercial garage door designed for peak performance and strength.

AlumaView Standard

This benchmark commercial garage door provides Raynor reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use.

Commercial Rolling Doors

DuraCoil Optima

Commercial rolling door designed for high security applications or oversized openings.

DuraCoil Standard

This commercial rolling garage door model is best for the most common service door applications.

DuraCoil Basic

This commercial rolling 24-gauge garage door with roll-formed guides is a simple solution for typical applications.

DuraCoil Select

This commercial rolling door is offered exclusively with stainless steel or aluminum slats and options to meet specific design performance.

DuraShutter Standard

This commercial rolling shutter door is designed for a variety of common applications and provides reliability and durability.

DuraShutter Select

This commercial rolling door is designed for quality standards requiring unique materials to meet specific design requirements.

DuraGrille Standard

This commercial rolling door offers protection against theft and vandalism, with a contemporary look.

Fire Doors

FireCoil Optima

FireCoil Optima Commercial fire doors are designed for high-security applications or oversized openings.

FireCoil Standard

FireCoil Standard commercial fire doors deliver reliability and durability when fire door protection is needed most.

FireCurtain Standard

FireCurtain Standard commercial fire doors offer the widest selection of quality features and options.

FireCurtain Select

FireCurtain Select commercial fire doors are UL three-hour rated shutters and are designed to high quality standards.

Traffic & Service Doors

FabriCoil Basic

This commercial traffic door is ideal for stand-alone high traffic applications.

Service Doors

Service doors provide security against entry, damage, and weather for exterior and interior openings.

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