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Commercial Garage Doors

Our Commercial Garage Doors offer safety, reliability, durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Compare our Commercial Metal Garage Doors and Industrial Overhead Doors to most of the other Local Garage Door Companies in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, and the Lehigh Valley and you'll find the Highest Quality Steel, leading to better durability and efficiency. We offer a complete line of high quality industrial and commercial closure products, including Metal Sectional Garage Doors, Commercial Overhead Doors, Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors and Counter Shutters, Fire-Rated Doors, High Performance Traffic Doors and Security Grille Products for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail use in the Lehigh Valley, including Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA and Easton PA.

A.B.E. Doors & Windows offers a complete Commercial Garage Door line-up and has a solution to fit your needs! We have a variety of Commercial Garage Door Sizes and styles, including Commercial Garage Doors with Windows and full Commercial Glass Garage Doors. Call (610) 398-2430 now or complete an estimate request online now to discuss the different Commercial Garage Doors for Sale, Commercial Garage Door Installation process, and Commercial Garage Door Prices in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, and the Lehigh Valley.

Commercial Sectional Doors

Commercial Sectional Garage Doors, also known as Commercial Overhead Garage Doors, consist of hinged Garage Door Sections, or Garage Door Panels, each of which has its own connection to the Garage Door Track. Sectional Overhead Doors come in various materials and thicknesses for thermal efficiency and durability. In addition to the standard Steel Commercial Overhead Door, we also offer Exterior Commercial Doors with Glass. Contact A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 to help you choose the Best Overhead Door Products for your commercial, industrial, or agricultural needs.

Raynor TC Series

Raynor TC Series thermal Sectional Commercial Garage Doors provide thermal efficiency and extreme durability.

Raynor ThermaSeal

Raynor ThermaSeal Sectional Thermal Commercial Garage Doors offer maximum thermal protection and excellent structural integrity.

Raynor TH160

Raynor TH160 Sectional Thermal Commercial Overhead Doors offer maximum thermal protection and excellent structural integrity and features a corrosive resistant rigid aluminum retainer and an EPDM rubber floor seal.

Raynor SteelForm

Raynor SteelForm Sectional Ribbed Commercial Garage Doors are 2" thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance and are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Raynor StyleForm

Raynor StyleForm Sectional Raised Panel Commercial Garage Doors offers the perfect combination of beauty and reliability.

Raynor AlumaView AV300

Raynor AlumaView AV300 Commercial Overhead Doors are 3" thick to offer increased strength and durability. With the incorporation of the U-bar trussing inside the rails, there are no obstructions to your view.

Raynor AlumaView AV200

Raynor AlumaView AV200 Sectional Rail & Stile Commercial Garage Doors are 2" thick to provide peak performance and strength. AV200 is available in larger sizes and features bold rail construction for maximum durability, reliability and beauty.

Commercial Rolling Doors

Commercial Rolling Garage Doors, Roller Doors, Sheet Doors, Rolling Service Doors, Roll Up Garage Doors, and Overhead Coiling Doors are Metal Garage Doors that "roll up" into a coil that is stored in a compartment above the opening. Rolling Counter Doors and Rolling Counter Shutters feature the same "roll up" mechanism but for smaller opening above a counter. Commercial Roll Up Doors and Rolling Counter Shutters come in a variety of slat types and materials to satisfy any industrial requirement. Contact A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 for a Free Estimate of the Commercial Garage Doors Cost for Steel Roll Up Doors and Rolling Counter Doors for your commercial facility in the Lehigh Valley.

Raynor DuraCoil

Rugged Raynor DuraCoil Rolling Service Doors - with aluminum, steel or stainless steel slats - are built for superior performance and are made to last.

Raynor DuraShutter

With a proven track record for durability, Raynor DuraShutter Commercial Rolling Counter Shutters are ideal for retail and commercial facilities, where both appearance and dependability are important.

Raynor DuraShutter Select

Raynor DuraShutter Select Commercial Rolling Counter Shutters are available in aluminum or stainless steel and are ideal for applications requiring unique materials or performance characteristics to meet specific design requirements.

Commercial Fire Doors

Commercial Fire Doors, Fire-Rated Rolling Doors, and Fire-Rated Rolling Counter Shutters meet UL and FM fire-safety standards for covering openings in a rated fire wall. The fire-rated garage doors and fire-rated counter shutters are equipped with fusible links that automatically release to close the door in the event of a fire. Contact A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 for a free estimate for fire-rated commercial garage doors and fire-rated counter shutters in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, and the surrounding Lehigh Valley area.

FireCoil Optima

Raynor FireCoil Optima Commercial Fire Doors are designed for high-security applications or oversized openings.

FireCoil Standard

Raynor FireCoil Standard Commercial Fire-Rated Rolling Doors deliver reliability and durability when fire door protection is needed most.

FireCurtain Standard

Raynor FireCurtain Standard Commercial Fire-Rated Rolling Counter Shutters offer the widest selection of quality features and options.

Raynor FireHoist

Raynor FireHoist Fire Door Operators are UL listed for use with Raynor FireCoil Fire-Rated Doors and existing Fire Doors that require new operators.

High Performance Traffic Doors

High Performance Traffic Doors provide protection against wind, rain, and contaminants while offering high speed operation and extended cycle life required in manufacturing and industrial applications. The breakaway design and self-repairing feature of our high performance commercial traffic doors allows separation when impacted and easy re-insertion. Contact A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 for a free estimate for high performance commercial traffic doors for your manufacturing or industrial needs in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

Raynor RapidCoil RC100

Raynor RapidCoil RC100 Commercial Traffic Doors are designed for small to medium interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe, durable option for even the most rugged applications.

Raynor RapidCoil RC200

Raynor RapidCoil RC200 Commercial Traffic Doors are designed for small to medium interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe, and aesthetically pleasing door for even the most demanding customers.

Raynor RapidCoil RC300

Raynor RapidCoil RC300 Commercial Traffic Doors feature "Push Pull" technology that provides superior performance in high pressure environments and reduces maintenance while increasing productivity and safety.

Raynor RapidCoil RC300HD

Raynor RapidCoil RC300HD Commercial Traffic Doors are designed for exterior applications with extreme pressure requirements.

Cornell Iron Works

Cornell Iron Works offers a variety of Commercial Garage Doors, including Rolling Service Doors, Extreme Performance Garage Doors, Rolling Counter Doors, Rolling Fire Doors, Counter Fire Doors, Emergency Response Doors, Matadoor Break-Away Curtain, Rolling Grilles, and Side Folding Grilles. To find the perfect fit for your Allentown PA business, contact A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 for a free estimate and help selecting the proper Cornell Iron Works Commercial Garage Door Product for your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing application.

Cornell Model ESD10

Cornell Model ESD10 Commercial Rolling Service Doors provide security against entry or weather protection at exterior and interior openings.

Cornell Extreme 1024 Performance

Cornell Extreme 1024 Performance Doors provide a combination of steel door security, minimal maintenance requirements, and exceptional cycle life.

Cornell Model ESC10

Cornell Model ESC10 Commercial Rolling Counter Doors secure openings above counters and similar finished openings in interior or exterior walls.

Cornell Model ERD10

Cornell Model ERD10 Commercial Rolling Fire Doors are rated physical fire barriers that protect wall openings from the spread of fire.

Cornell Model ERC10

Cornell Model ERC10 Commercial Counter Fire Doors protect interior corridors and create barriers for openings where life safety is a priority.

Cornell Emergency Response Doors

Cornell Emergency Response Doors provide UL rated fire protection designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke in a fire emergency.

Cornell Matadoor Break-away Curtain

Cornell Matadoor is designed so the force of an impact is transferred to the fasteners which shear, allowing the bottom bar to release from the guides.

Cornell Rolling Grilles

Cornell Rolling Grilles provide access control and off hour security on interior and exterior openings.

Cornell Side Folding Grilles

Cornell Side Folding Grilles provide security and access control in openings with low headroom conditions, offering an effective traffic barriers with high visibility.

Need Assistance with Commercial Garage Doors? Call A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 for a free estimate or fill out our online form for a free estimate on commercial garage doors, overhead doors, rolling service doors, fire doors, high performance traffic doors, and rolling grilles by Raynor and Cornell Iron Works. You can also stop by our showroom located at 6776 Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, PA.

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