Wall-Mounted Residential Garage Door Openers

Wall-mounted garage doors, as the name suggests, are installed immediately to the left or right of the top garage door rail. Since they fit more snugly than ceiling-mounted doors, they free up space for garages with cathedral or sloped ceilings, which creates additional room for storage. Most doors include a remote control, a remote control panel, and the wall mount itself, featuring a DC motor for ultra-quiet operation and battery backup these openers work smoothly and silently. Wall-mounted garage doors can be used for any type of garage door, including vertical, standard, and high-lift doors, and are available through A.B.E. Doors & Windows to our customers in the Lehigh Valley.

What is a Jackshaft?

Jackshaft garage door openers are the most popular type of wall-mounted operators. Frequently featured in commercial garage doors, jackshaft openers have become increasingly common in homes throughout the Lehigh Valley because of their exceptional security, smooth operations, and long-term dependability. In particular, jackshaft openers provide the following features:

  • Space-saving design: Unlike overhead garage doors, wall-mounted ones don’t have to be installed on the ceiling and thus free up the upper portion of your garage for storage.
  • Improved security: Most garage door openers feature an emergency release cord you can pull to detach the door from the opener. This allows homeowners to manually lift the door during emergency situations, but is also accessible to burglars. Wall-mounted garaged doors are designed to solve this problem and so don’t have release cords.
  • Better safety: Jackshaft openers are designed with the most innovative and effective sensors for reverse safety, mirror correction, and come with 200-watt lighting.
  • Mobile-friendly: With the help of the MyQ tech and app, you can link your garage opener with your smartphone.
  • Silent operation: Expertly designed to minimize operating noise.
  • Auto-light and Auto-reversal: Both automatic functioning lights enhance safety and prevent accidents.

Wall-Mounted Garage Door Openers from A.B.E.

A.B.E. Doors & Windows is a leading dealer of wall-mounted garage door openers. We sell, install, and repair a number of prestigious Liftmaster wall-mounted garage door openers to our customers in the Lehigh Valley. Our technicians receive manufacturer training and continuing education on installation and repair protocols. We are family-owned and have been helping our neighbors with garage doors since 1974.
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