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15 July 2016
Window Care and Maintenance

There are many things around us that require regular maintenance like our car, heating & air units, garage doors and the list goes on. The correct operation and maintenance of your windows will ensure that they will perform as expected for many years to come. Here are a few tips to help protect your investment.

Wash windows regularly, avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives on the windows as well as the window hardware. Use a damp cloth with an approved cleaning solution.

Security alarms are a great addition to any home. Be sure to check your warranty to confirm what is covered, applying adhesives to attach your security sensors can damage your windows and void certain parts of your warranty.

Be careful with nails and screws around your windows, you can damage window frames, weather stripping and reduce energy efficient performance.

If you paint or stain the window frame, make sure to keep up with regular maintenance as needed to ensure windows work properly.

Keep sharp tools away from your windows, especially to clean them, like razor blades or steel wool, they can damage your windows. Keep your windows clean by using safe non-chemical cleaners.

Safety tip if you have small children, do not remove operational levers and handles off the windows to keep your little ones from opening them. This is a safety hazard and could prevent your ability to exit your home quickly should there be an emergency.

We feel an informed customer is our best customer. We hope you find the information above on window care and maintenance helpful in keeping your windows looking beautiful and performing well for years to come.  


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