27 February 2012
Ask the Insurance Question

When you arrange home repairs or improvements, you'll probably ask about the contractor's experience, capabilites, price range and delivery schedule. A question that homeowners often neglect may be even more important: "Do you have liability and accident insurance?"

Many small operators work on a wing and a prayer. They hope nobody will get hurt on the job at your house, and they don't bother with insurance. But hope is no substitute for real protection.

If something does go wrong, it can become your problem. (Click this link for a painful example: http//www.professionaldoordealer.com/news/2012/01/handyman-sues-homeowner-because-of-garage-door-accident.aspx.) An uninsured contractor or his or her employees can sue you if injured on your property. Costs may be covered by your homeowner's coverage - and when your insurance pays, your future premiums may go up. Even worse, if your coverage isn't high enough, you might be on the hook personally to make up the difference.

At ABE Doors & Windows, we accept the need to protect our workers and our customers. That's why all our crews are covered by a million dollars in insurance. This is nothing more or less than behaving responsibly toward the people who keep us in business.

In Pennsylvania, a contractor can't be certified without meeting the state's insurance requirements. If you hire someone without certification, they may lack insurance, too. Why take the chance? There are many reasons to go with ABE Doors & Windows - and the fact that we carry substantial insurance coverage is a big one. Whoever you use, ask about the contractor's insurance coverage and have him or her prove it to you by showing a certificate of insurance before the start of the job.


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