09 April 2012
Opening the Door on Curb Appeal

A better look for your house might be part of preparations to sell it - or it might just reflect your desire to improve the home you see every day. Either way, replacement entry doors offer an effective, immediate way to ratchet up the curb appeal of your place. A new door draws the eye in a striking visual focus - and you can select exactly the level of cost that works for your budget.

You can accomplish something similar, though probably to a lesser extent, with a new garage door installation. New doors of either variety purchased from and installed by ABE Doors and Windows can accomplish the feat in short order.

That impressive new entry door might feature new glass details, great-looking hardware, a fresh configuration of double doors, or a transom. The garage door could be one of our carriage-door styles, single or double. The color and design options for either type are practically unlimited - and the change in the look of the door makes a huge difference.

If you want to upgrade the look of your door without replacing it, several options are available. Consider repainting/refinishing, changing an associated light fixture, selecting new locks and hardware (inciuding a knocker, doorbell button, house numbers and letter slot) or adding a brass kick plate. For a really transforming change, though, nothing beats the fresh look, first-class factory construction and professional installation of a door from ABE Doors and Windows.

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