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30 April 2012
Seeing is believing
beautiful new patio doors in our showroom

For sheer visual impact, a photo in a catalog or online can't match what happens when you see one of our great-looking doors installed. You can't get the same sense of how smoothly it works, either, without seeing for yourself.

 That's why we recently expanded the display area at ABE Doors and Windows' Wescosville Headquarters. The new section opens up space to feature three of our very nicest patio doors, and we think you should check them out.

The star of the show is the ProVia gliding patio door. This big, beautiful model includes internal mini-blinds. It's a feature that gives you ideal control over room daylighting, and the blinds never need cleaning because they're sealed inside double-pane glass.

You can also see graceful, opulent Frenchwood doors in real wood from Andersen. The hinged type is a true French door. The gliding model provides the same look, but its sliding structure saves space.

Whether you're already planning a patio door installation or just thinking about a change that would transform your home decor, you really should take a look at these doors - in person - before you do anything else.

25 April 2012
Welcome to our team, Ellen Rauch!

A.B.E. Doors & Windows is pleased to welcome Ellen Rauch as the newest addition to its family. Working for us on a temporary basis since January of 2012, Ellen was made a permanent member of our office staff on April 9. As a Customer Service Representative, Ellen is fully enjoying her work experience thus far:

"I'm absolutely thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be a part of a company who embraces and embodies teamwork and strives for greatness always. It's truly a blessing to work amongst co-workers who genuinely care about assisting others and are personally driven to always provide the best quality of service possible. I honestly don't consider my employment with A.B.E. as just a career - each day is unique and offers new opportunities for me to utilize every single one of my skills in interacting with and assisting others. I love that my realm of work engages and challenges every aspect of my being, and I am excited to continue experiencing new things, learning from them, and growing stronger as an individual and profesional. I am honored to be a part of something so much greater than myself, and I am thankful for all that A.B.E. Doors & Windows has given to me thus far."

Ellen, who just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday yesterday, is now our youngest employee and will be utilizing her passion for writing by regularly contributing to both our Facebook page and blog. Outside of work, Ellen's interests include music, movies, reading, and pop culture. She also enjoys volunteering within the community and has recently become involved in taking both kickboxing and acting classes.

We congratulate Ellen on her dedication and hard work thus far, and we look forward to seeing what her future holds within A.B.E. Doors & Windows.

09 April 2012
Opening the Door on Curb Appeal

A better look for your house might be part of preparations to sell it - or it might just reflect your desire to improve the home you see every day. Either way, replacement entry doors offer an effective, immediate way to ratchet up the curb appeal of your place. A new door draws the eye in a striking visual focus - and you can select exactly the level of cost that works for your budget.

You can accomplish something similar, though probably to a lesser extent, with a new garage door installation. New doors of either variety purchased from and installed by ABE Doors and Windows can accomplish the feat in short order.

That impressive new entry door might feature new glass details, great-looking hardware, a fresh configuration of double doors, or a transom. The garage door could be one of our carriage-door styles, single or double. The color and design options for either type are practically unlimited - and the change in the look of the door makes a huge difference.

If you want to upgrade the look of your door without replacing it, several options are available. Consider repainting/refinishing, changing an associated light fixture, selecting new locks and hardware (inciuding a knocker, doorbell button, house numbers and letter slot) or adding a brass kick plate. For a really transforming change, though, nothing beats the fresh look, first-class factory construction and professional installation of a door from ABE Doors and Windows.

02 April 2012
Tech, carpenter ... and soldier
Our duty to our Guardsmen and Reservists

Nigel Andre of Whitehall is a carpenter and technician for ABE Doors and Windows. If he's ever working on an installation at your house, you'll notice him primarily as a hardworking member of our skilled and dedicated team.

But there's another side to Nigel. Wherever he goes, day in or day out, he's also a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard. Our company salutes his service, which now stands at twelve-and-a-half years between active duty and time with the Guard at home. And we're also proud that ABE Doors and Windows does everthing possible to help him meet his military responsibilities.

There was a time when soldiers might remain in the Guard or Reserves for years without being called to active service. In recent years, though, these components have been tasked with a more active role in national defense. "There's times when I have to go at the last minute," Nigel said. "And the company's always been great about it."

Under federal law, employers must keep jobs open for soldiers called to service. It's possible, unfortunately, to obey the letter of the law and violate its spirit. Some employers look for unfair ways to dismiss an absent soldier. Nigel has had to take action for soldiers under his command when other employers tried to cut them loose while on duty.

That hasn't happened with ABE Doors and Windows and it never will. "I'm just very appreciative," Nigel said. "The company has been very supportive, very understanding."

Our company has been recognized by the Army National Guard for this support. We appreciate that, but from our standpoint what really counts is the willingness of our people to stand up for our country. Helping them out when deployments come up is the least we can do.


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