03 June 2012
A month to focus on garage door safety

Today's well-engineered, carefully constructed garage doors are very safe products. Still, the doors are the largest, heaviest moving objects in most homes. As such, safety demands proper maintenance and correct use. It's especially important to make sure that kids are aware that garage doors are not toys.

June is National Home Safety Month, and the industry organizations DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association) and IDA (International Door Association) have also declared it Garage Door Safety Month. It's a great time to think about keeping your garage doors operating properly and safely. Here are some dos and don'ts that can help.

DO a periodic visual inspection. Check the springs, cables, rollers and all other visible parts for signs of wear or damage. If you suspect a problem, have a trained technician take a look.

DO operate the door only when you can see it, keeping it in sight until it opens or closes completely.

DO test the reversing mechanism monthly. A properly functioning garage door reverses direction as soon as it encounters an obstacle. If that's not happening, call a technician and have it fixed.

DO test the force setting monthly. Stand outside the path of the door and try to hold it up as it descends. It should reverse easily; otherwise call a technician.

DO test the door balance monthly. Close the door and disconnect the operator, then lift the door. It should open smoothly with little resistance. If not, have a technician check it.

DON'T let kids play with the door's transmitters or remote controls. This is an especially important rule. Keep all controls away from children. Mount wall controls high, out of reach of small hands. And make sure your kids know that they should never play with the garage door.

DON'T try to repair spring assemblies yourself. They're under extreme tension. Working with them can be very dangerous for anyone but expert technicians.

DON'T stand, walk, duck or run under a garage door when it's moving.

DON'T put your fingers - or any body part - in or near the door's section joints, hinges, tracks, springs, or other parts.

ABE Doors and Windows is fully committed to keeping garage doors operating safely at all times. If you have a safety question or concern, call us now at (610) 398-2430. We'll be glad to discuss the situation, and can provide prompt help if you need it.


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