06 August 2012
Listening to what customers say

People ask "How are you doing?" so often and so casually that it seldom means much. For a service-oriented business, though, it's a serious question. And the answer matters greatly to the company's success.

A while back ABE Doors and Windows sought a way to measure our performance with customers. The best help we could find came from a company called Guild Quality. It's their business to survey the customers of participating firms after projects or services are completed. Guild Quailty then compiles and posts the results, along with customers' candid opinions.

The survey company is objective about this. You accept when you sign up that they're going to put the results online for all to see. Unless you think your report card's going to be pretty good, it's probably not something you want to try.

We've been in the process for many months. See results by clicking the Guild Quality logo on our homepage, or use this link: www.guildquality.com/cr/A-B-E-Doors-Windows/N6Y506012224XT9/ . Customer quotes via Guild Quality also appear often on our Facebook page.

We're happy with the results. We come in at 98 percent or better for most measurements, including "Professional & Organized," "Value," "Communication," "Sales Knowledge," and "Schedule." Ratings for "Clean and Safe" and "Construction Quality" are perfect 100s. And the overwhelming majority of our verbal evalutions are also very positive. Take a look.

So that's the answer to "How are you doing?" Pretty darn well - but always with room for improvement.

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