11 October 2012
Tightening Up for Cold Weather

For the last few installments of our blog, we've been looking at some of the things homeowners can do to get ready for what's predicted to be a much tougher winter than the one we sailed through last year. Here's one more aspect of that subject to consider: weatherstripping.

For entrance doors and garage doors, making sure that the weatherstripping is undamaged and properly installed can make a difference every day you're heating your home. (It helps when you're air conditioning the house in hot weather, too.)

We recommend that you start with a simple visual inspection. Just check out the door frame and take note of any weatherstripping that has come loose or isn't in good condition. We especially recommend paying close attention to the material at the bottom of your garage door.

If you need to replace some or all of the weatherstripping on your doors, stop by our office in Wescosville. Weatherstrippping isn't universal, so you can't really get a good result by just picking up the first thing you find at a big box store. The good news is that we stock the correct material for many types of doors, and often can provide just what you need. The best idea is to bring along a sample from the door you're servicing.

When you have door problems that look like more than simple home-handyman repairs, we'll be glad to help. Just call our office at 610-398-2430 and ask for Terry in our service department. If you really do need a new door, you're already on your way with the region's installation leader. The colder days are right aroung the corner, so phone today.

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