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26 November 2012
ProVia Signet Doors – the look of wood, the durability of fiberglass

If it's true that not many entrance doors today  are made of wood, it's just as true that people still want the beauty of a wooden door. We know of no fiberglass entrance line that reproduces this handsome appearance better than ProVia's Signet line. It's a really impressive effect.

How is it done? ProVia molds its dies from the grained wood they're simulating. The grain that's pressed into the fiberglass looks like the real thing because it's reproduced from the real thing. When the door receives its carefully prepared staining, it truly looks like cherry, oak, mahogany or fir. The best way to prove it: Compare the surface to the actual wood that's applied at the edge of the door. Our customers say the fiberglass door and the wood trim appear to be identical.

Of course, there's more to the excellence of a Signet door than its looks. ProVia uses the same glued, dovetailed construction seen in fine furniture. Combined with excellent materials, this method produces a door of lasting strength. The surface finish is durable, and it's warranted for 10 years. Foam fill inside the door adds insulating value and additional strength. Locking hardware and hinges are strong and secure.

If you want, you can do different wood-style treatments on the inside and outside of a Signet door. The range of glass, side lite and hardware treatments available is practically unlimited, which makes it possible to tailor a door to practically any home design. For more information, call us today at 610-398-2430.

19 November 2012
Fast fixes for remotes and keypads

Remote garage door controls are such familiar contributors to home convenience, safety and security that we scarcely give them a thought. The same is true of access keypads. Still, these highly reliable products do fail once in a while - and when that happens, it's important to know where you can find help.

Problems with these devices generally come from one of three causes. One is the item simply wearing out. Another is battery failure. The third is an issue with the device's coding.

Fortunately, ABE Doors and Windows is geared up to meet any such difficulties. We stock or can quickly order any needed hardware items - batteries and actual remotes, keypads or other system components. If the problem is related to control coding, our staff people have the know-how to help.

Often our skilled associates can troubleshoot problems over the phone - just call us at 610-398-2430. We also have reprogramming instructions for most of these products. Check in with us first, and we may be able to give you the answers you need directly, or send you directions via e-mail or regular mail. If you prefer, bring your remote to our showroom at 6776 Hamilton Boulevard in Allentown, and we'll work with you on the spot. We understand that you rely on these products - and we make it our business to get them working again as quickly as possible.


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