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31 July 2013
The Making of a Top Installer

To get door and window installations right takes a lot of top-notch elements - the best in products, a great support staff, first-class equipment. But nothing matters more than having installers who truly know their stuff. You don't find skillful people like that just anywhere, and you don't develop their abilities overnight. As an example, take Lenny Heim, one of our veteran installers out of the Macungie area. Lenny's 20 year employment anniversary with ABE is coming up soon. When he joined us, we naturally brought him on board to our way of doing things. But we had a big headstart with Lenny. He's a natural when it comes to carpentry and related skills. Besides that, he already had lots of relevant experience. He worked for 11 years with his father-in-law as a home builder, then for a number of years on his own after his father-in-law's retirement. There wasn't much in the way of skills and knowledge for this work that Lenny didn't already have. Of course, you can't train people to care about their work. That comes from inside. You'll hear this loud and clear if you talk to Lenny - it's in his voice when he talks about the workmanship that supports ABE's five-year limited warranty. "Reputation is really important," he'll tell you. "If you do a good job, you'll get a lot of great word-of-mouth support." The word from us is positive, too - we think Lenny and the other outstanding installers from ABE are basic to our success.

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