26 October 2013
Recycled content and green windows

When we think about the "green" impact of the products we sell, the first thing that comes to mind is energy efficiency. And that's important - to the individual homeowner and to our society at large. The government's Energy Star program estimates that homeowners replacing single-pane windows with double-pane models can save between $126 and $465 a year, depending on where they live and how many windows are involved. Those savings, multiplied over many homes, also contribute to resource conservation and limit the production of greenhouse gases. But that's not the only way that wise window selection can help promote a better environment. Andersen Corporation, one of our flagship vendors, has for several years carried a content certification proving that their products contain a prescribed quantity of recycled materials. It's a feature that's worth considering when you buy. Of course, it's great to recycle. It keeps tons of materials from being wasted in landfills. But it only really helps if we close the loop by finding ways to use that recycled material. And that's what programs like Andersen's do. The certification, issued by the third-party firm Scientific Certification Systems, proves that specified Andersen products contain a minimum recycled content between 3% and 24%. The recycled material includes pre-consumer recycled glass and wood fiber in the form of Fibrex, which is a structural composite material. Much of this is reclaimed directly from the company's manufacturing plant operations. Keep all this in mind when you're thinking about replacement windows. The right decision can make an environmental difference. If you'd like to discuss this, call us at (610) 398-2430.

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