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17 December 2013
Hope for the holidays

Among the many special gifts of the holidays, one of the most powerful is hope. Hope shows itself in the warmth that families share when they gather to celebrate, looking ahead to the best for each member in the year to come. Hope shines out in the tidings of comfort and joy friends and neighbors offer one another. Hope is revealed most grandly in the dreams of peace that people everywhere share as they look to the future. Some folks think of optimism as a little old-fashioned. But that's never been the way we've seen things at ABE Doors and Windows. From our point of view, it's always worth pausing to consider with gratitude the good fortune that so many of us enjoy as Americans - the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that is our birthright. We think that's the foundation for a positive outlook for all of us. As we make our way through this delightful time of year and look ahead to the days to come, we have every reason to feel hopeful. Though the nation's economic recovery has been slow getting started, it does seem now to be well underway - and a better economy means better times for almost everyone. For the customers we've valued through the years, for all our co-workers and their families, and for everyone who shares our communities, our nation and our world, here's to a joyful holiday season and all the hope it brings.

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