31 January 2014
Replacing Windows, Not Openings

Among the many factors that make replacement windows attractive and affordable is this: In almost every installation, there's no need to change the size of the window opening. That's important. If the opening dimensions did have to change, that would make it a job for a general contractor. It might affect the structural integrity of the wall, and it would probably mean a much more complicated, expensive project. Window replacement as we do it is simply a matter of figuring out what the new window will be - size, design, construction, materials and so on - then removing the existing window and refitting with the new one. The wall is normally unchanged. Of course, that doesn't mean you're limited to the same kind of window that's already in place. Some people want to switch from a twin double-hung to a sliding window, or a casement type that hinges outward. Others might want to replace a plain picture window with a smaller picture window flanked by casements left and right. Maybe the customer fancies a new bay or bow window. Whatever the choice, (and no matter which manufacturer), the window is custom fitted at the factory to the opening it will fill. Even bay or bow types are delivered as single units, so there's no new construction needed at the installation site.

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