03 April 2016
National Window Safety Week
April 3-9, 2016

The goal of National Window Safety Week on April 3-9, 2016 is to help families realize the importance of windows as an escape route in an emergency and to learn to protect against accidental falls. Take some time this week to go through the window safety checklist. If you find you are in need of replacement windows, call A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430.

Window Safety Checklist

  1. Determine an emergency escape plan that includes two exits from each room. One exit may be a window so educate children how to safely use the window as an exit to escape a fire. Identify a safe meeting place outside and practice the emergency escape plan regularly.
  2. Inspect the windows in your home carefully. Make sure all of the windows will open and none of the windows are painted or nailed shut.
  3. Do not install air conditioner units in windows that are part of an escape route. Make sure that at least one window in each bedroom and living area meets escape and rescue requirements.
  4. Do not put guards, security bars, grilles, or grates on windows if they do not have a functioning release mechanism as the guards can prevent an escape during an emergency. If you want to add guards for security, consult your local building code official or fire department to determine the proper placement.
  5. Keep your windows closed and locked when children are around. If you need to open a window, open windows that children cannot reach and teach children to play away from windows and/or patio doors.
  6. Do not rely on insect screens to prevent a fall from a window.
  7. Keep furniture — or anything children can climb — away from windows.
  8. Plant shrubs and soft edging like wood chips or grass under windows to cushion potential falls and decrease the risk of injuries.

If you find issues with your existing windows, contact A.B.E. Doors & Windows at (610) 398-2430 for a free estimate for replacement windows for your home in the Lehigh Valley.

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