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07 June 2016
It's Garage Door Safety Month
It's Garage Door Safety Month


Can you believe it’s June already? We’re all excited for some fun in the sun! In all the excitement, let’s not forget safety first. Did you know that there is a whole month dedicated to garage door safety, you guessed it, it’s June and it’s here! Garage doors are the largest moving object in our homes. We want to make it a priority to always keep you informed of garage door safety tips to ensure a safe and happy home.

Garage doors and openers are not toys, make sure openers and control buttons are kept out of reach of children and are in clear view of the door, at least five feet from the floor. Make sure your kids and you don’t try and beat the door while it’s closing, it could be fatal!

Thousands of injuries happen each year that involve garage doors, make sure you avoid any joints or moving sections of the garage door so there can be no accidental pinching or crushing of hands.

Just as every other major appliance wears and tears, the same goes for garage doors. At times, parts of the garage are open to rust or garage sections may fall in disrepair and could cause injury and infection. Be sure to wear protective gloves, consult your owner’s manual if necessary and take action as soon as you see any sign of anything falling apart that could cause serious harm.

In the event that someone should back up into your garage door and yes it happens more often than you think, be sure to have a professional certified technician inspect the garage door even if it looks like there is no apparent damage. It’s better to be on the cautious side.

A.B.E. Doors & Windows is committed to your safety. We offer all of our customers an annual 20-point safety check, which includes checking your garage doors panels, springs, sensors, safety release, hardware, track, wiring, connections, inspect internal gears & belts, keypads and so much more. Please remember – Garage door springs, cables and hardware are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury or damage. For this reason, only qualified technicians should adjust or replace them.

You want your garage door system to operate properly and safely at all times. Make sure that your family knows how to operate and maintain your garage door. The key to safety is knowledge, we’re here to help.


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