19 January 2017
Why do my Windows Always seem Wet?

 Are your windows dripping with condensation?  Cooler temps outside reek havoc on the inside of windows causing poor visibility, peeling paint and when left untreated.....rot and mildew.  This article will help you understand why windows do this and how to prevent it. 

Let's start with why this happens. Windows themselves don't cause condensation, high humidity does. Condensation occurs when water vapors come into contact with a cooler surface.  Your homes humidity levels are increased now that winter is here.  Gas and propane release moisture when burned, so heating up your home contributes to the excess moisture.  Other factors that can contribute to more moisture are:  fireplaces, a large grouping of plants, pets and our day to day activities.  If you own an older home you may not experience elevated levels of humidity because older homes tend to be a bit draftier.  This enables your home to “breath”, thus removing some of the moisture.  Newer homes, even with more energy efficient windows, can be subject to condensation as well.  Materials such as wood and concrete can release moisture in the home for up to 12 to 18 months, depending on the area you live in.  

There are several solutions to controlling the moisture in your home.  The first step is to determine the humidity level in your home.  An electronic hygrometer is an inexpensive purchase that can calculate levels in all areas.  Your home should be measuring around 40% humidity. If readings are higher, then a dehumidifier is a great choice if the affected area is one room or a particular space.  Make sure you choose the right size for your room for maximum efficiency.  If you are finding that most windows in your home are prone to condensation, then it may be time to examine your exhaust system.  A new fan motor or the installation of a timer to achieve the necessary air flow may help the overall area of your home. 

 If you are finding that neither of these solutions are helping your windows or you notice areas that are already effected with peeling, mildew or rot, it may be time to examine the window and surrounding area.  A.B.E Doors and Windows carries Anderson and Provia windows that offer you a wonderful selection to match your budget and homes décor.   Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you and make sure your home is well cared for.



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