23 August 2018
What should I ask when choosing a Window Company?
Choosing the right company.


Today's homeowners are fortunate when it comes time to make a repair or do some remodeling to their homes.  There are probably several companies in the vicinity of the home to choose from to get the job done.  A quick search of window replacement companies in the Lehigh Valley area produced over 25 results!   How does one choose the right company for your needs?  Here are some things you should be thinking about when choosing a window company or anyone that may be doing work in your home.


Start by examining the company itself.   How long have they been in business?  Do they have a showroom where you can examine the products they carry?  Does the showroom look pleasing, tidy and clean?  An unkempt or disorganized area may mean other area of the business may follow suit.  Is the staff welcoming and helpful?  Do any of their offers seem like a gimmick?  Be leery of buy one get one free offers or buy so many products and get free installation.  Rest assured, those costs are being made up somewhere.  Do they offer follow up service? 


What does their installation team look like?  These people are gaining entry to your home and will be working among your family, make sure the company employing them has done a background check.  What type of training have they had....in-house....from the manufacturer?  Are they certified if necessary?   Is their installation work guaranteed?  


What types of products do they offer?  Are they brand names you have heard of....if not you may want to look up the brands to see what reviews they are getting.  What type of warranty is offered with the product you are choosing?   Do they carry Energy Star rated products?  If they give you an estimate, if the contract easy to read?  Did you receive a solid quote as opposed to a range of prices?


What does social media say about the company?  Look the business up and see what social media sites they use.  Do they have any reviews?  What are people saying about them?  If they had a negative review, how did they handle it?  Was it addressed or did they resolve the complaint?  You can gain a real sense of a business from their website as well.


Word of mouth...talk to your friends.   Ask around, did someone you trust use a company recently or in the past?   How was their experience?  Would they recommend them?   Did they stick to budget and the time-line to complete the work?  If the job was done years ago, how are the products holding up?  Where the workers respectful of their home? 


We hope these questions will help guide you to the perfect window company for your needs.





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