19 February 2019
How to Choose a Welcoming Front Door
How to Choose a Welcoming Front Door

Come right in!  Your front door is probably one of the most hard working features in your home.  Greeting friends, opening to trick or treaters and getting shut quickly on solicitors are all situations your entry way will see over time.  When the time comes to replace it, the choices may seem daunting.  Lets break this process down into three areas you should focus on when choosing a new door.


Determine your budget with the following things in mind.  

View this purchase as an investment.  Replacing your front door is a home improvement that has a great return on investment ratio.  That means the value you are adding to your home will be offset by the price of the door.  If you see your family moving in the next 5 to 10 years, a quality front door will lend curb appeal as well as value to your home.


How energy efficient the door is, plus the materials used to make the door, both factor into its price. Don't skimp in these areas.  Allocating more money to quality materials is a wise decision.   You'll be glad when you see the savings in your electric bill or find yourself not having to paint your door every few years. 

Keep in mind that things like hardware, decorative glass, side panels or upgrading to a larger door will increase price as well.  When getting quotes from companies make sure you are comparing apples to apples. 



Nothing beats the natural look of wood. It’s warm, rustic nature makes it popular with homeowners everywhere.  This material will probably be on the higher end of the price scale.  You should also consider it may require more upkeep to combat things like moisture and sun exposure.


Durable and secure, this material won't crack, rot or warp and is energy efficient.  It is cost effective because it will require less maintenance over the years.  Steel doors may be susceptible to small dents and can get a bit hot if they are in direct sunlight.


The uniqueness of this material will allow you to get the look of wood without the swelling and warping.   It performs well in any climate and receives high energy efficiency ratings.  They are dent resistant and require minimal maintenance over the years. 


Let your home's personality really shine in this area! Besides the door style, things like glass, finishes, color options and hardware will all contribute to an individual look that reflects your taste.   Try finding a business that has a visualizer tool. This allows you to design your front door and get a sense of what type of look you are drawn to.  The addition of side panels is very popular these days.  They add light and some styles open to allow air flow.  

Our staff is here to assist you with any entry door questions you may have.  Start the process by visiting our showroom or viewing the selection on our website.  



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