19 March 2019
Preparing Your Home For Window Replacement
Preparing Your Home For Window Replacement


If you've made the decision to replace your home's windows—congratulations!    You are on your way to saving energy, lower electric bills and an updated look for your home.   If you hired a professional company to replace one or all of your windows, take some time to prepare your home for the workers arrival and the tasks that will be completed.  Here are some tips to make this upgrade go as smoothly as possible.


Clear the Area


Making the area as accessible as possible is your first step.  Move all furniture, tables, lamps, etc away from the window being replaced.  Clear any clutter off of nearby floors and don't leave anything on staircases or steps.   If your whole house is getting new windows, you may want to consider renting a small storage container that can be left on your property. 


Outside your home, remove any décor you may have hanging on or around your windows.  Clear away lawn furniture or decorative items like bird baths, flags or your favorite garden gnome.  The company may need room for ladders and scaffolding if they are accessing a second story window.


Take it Down  


We've focused on the ground, let's take a look up now.   Window treatments, curtains and blinds should be removed.  You can ask if the hardware can stay up or if they recommend you remove that too.   The jostling of removing the window may disturb the surrounding walls so take down any pictures or knick knacks you may have hanging around the area.  Don't forget to remove any security system wires if you have them in place. 


Minimize Dust


Your window installers will probably put down drop cloths and try to be as neat as possible, but make no mistake, dust will be made.   You can go a bit further and cover up any remaining furniture in the room.   If you are just having one window replaced, you could tack up a sheet between any entrance doors to lessen dust being transferred from one room to another.  Just make sure this does not impede your workers.  


Allow Access


If you will not be home during installation, make sure a trusted neighbor or friend is available to let your workers in.  Communicate clearly which doors to your home you would prefer them to use.  Keep dogs and cats in a safe, closed off room.  We don't want Fluffy escaping by accident.  Go over the full installation schedule and place it where all family members can see it.  Offer your workers a powder room to use or let them know of other facilities close by.



With your prep work done, you should have a smooth installation process and the gratitude of those working in your home.  

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