18 July 2019
How to Keep Windows Looking New
How to Keep Windows Looking New

 Your new window installation is finally complete! You've added hardware and carefully chosen curtains to complement your décor. You smile every time you walk past your windows until.....you see it......that first hand print.....or perhaps you see a smudge that kind of resembles a nose print. The reality sets in that maybe your windows may not look perfect forever. Or can they? With the proper maintenance, inside and outside the home, your new windows will look great for years to come.



It's always good to check the manufacturers guidelines in regards to what products are safe to use on and around your windows. Generally speaking, using a damp cloth to wipe down wooden frames of dirt and dust build up should be a safe method. Avoid getting the cloth too wet so you do not encourage rot due to excess moisture. Clean around the frames and the nearby walls to prevent dirt from making it's way into the sills and causing jams in the future. Clean your glass panes with a homemade cleaner or your favorite over the counter spray. Using crumbled newspapers is a great way to avoid streaks. Vacuum the inside window sills or use a cloth to wipe away dirt.



Every 3 to 4 years your wooden or metal frames may need a fresh coat of paint. Doing so will not only keep up with appearances, but will help maintain the frames against the elements. Always start with a clean surface, sand any flaking areas and be careful not to paint over any moving parts.



Regular Inspection

At least twice a year conduct an inspection on your windows. This is probably your best defense to ensure your windows stay healthy and last for years to come. Check for worn out seals or gaps that may be letting air escape. Check sills and sashes for any rot. Look for broken or cracked glass or any condensation if you have double or triple panes. Open your windows all the way and use the tilt feature to make sure they open smoothly. If you have a window that is getting stuck, check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying any lubricant. Some products can stain or be ineffective.


Tend to Repairs

Broken glass or rotting wood demands immediate attention. If you are a confident do-it-yourself person, try these sites.


Replace a window pane: Today's Homeowner


Repair rotting window sill: Tips from Lowe's


If these repairs are beyond what you are comfortable with, call a trusted professional or ask a friend for a referral.


We hope these tips will have your guests asking if you just got new windows. You can say yes and smile, knowing that your hard work has paid off.  

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