17 September 2019
Obscured Glass: Waterfall
Obscured Glass: Waterfall


As September begins, we close the door on summer, but open it up to my favorite season—fall. While it’s not quite time yet for pumpkin cream cheese, spiced lattes, and scented candles, we can talk about another of my favorite fall things. Our entrance door manufacturer, Provia, has some of the coolest glass on the market. You can choose a design from the colorful Inspirations Art Glass collection, their countless decorative glasses, and even simpler beveled glass for exactly the look you want. Provia is leading the charge with several different and beautiful obscured glasses for any room in your home.

Now, if you’re like me, you hear the words ‘obscured glass’ and think of that pebbled texture that was in every bathroom in the 90s. [That glass is still available, of course.] However, Provia has one obscured glass in particular that could go a long way towards updating a bathroom or entrance door. It’s called Waterfall and it looks quite like its namesake. It gives the appearance of water falling down the glass and clocks in with a privacy rating of nine out of ten. Waterfall glass would spice up any bathroom window and also look cheerful in any entrance door.

Provia has two specialty designs that have availability to obscure the glass behind a beautiful metal latticework. They are respectively called Carmen, which is more of a graphite look, and Barcelona, which is a callback to the wrought iron gate. Both can have any obscured glass placed behind them, but the Waterfall looks especially lovely in my opinion. If you don’t believe me, come take a look for yourself at the door we have on display in our showroom. 

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