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26 September 2019
Go Green!
Go Green!


It’s that time of year again—every kid’s nightmare and every parent’s dream. It’s Back to School Season! It seems like everywhere you go this time of year, you’re bombarded with colored folders, giant binders and notebooks, divider and tabs, pens and pencils, markers and crayons in every color, glue sticks and staplers. It looks like our office supply closet multiplied by about a thousand.

23 September 2019
Prepping Your Garage for the Winter Months
Prepping Your Garage for the Winter Months


Summer has officially moved on.

Schools in session, Halloween decor is everywhere and a few trees are starting to show their fall colors. Although we hate to say goodbye to the warm weather, many of us look forward to cooler temps, football games and cozy sweaters. What we don't look forward to is putting away all that summer gear that has crept up all over the yard and house.....and the eventual sleet and snow that will make its way to our area. If you follow these tips to get your garage space ready for winter, you'll be back to sipping that pumpkin spice latte in no time!


Start with a Clean Slate


Start by giving your garage floor a good sweeping.

17 September 2019
Obscured Glass: Waterfall
Obscured Glass: Waterfall


As September begins, we close the door on summer, but open it up to my favorite season—fall. While it’s not quite time yet for pumpkin cream cheese, spiced lattes, and scented candles, we can talk about another of my favorite fall things. Our entrance door manufacturer, Provia, has some of the coolest glass on the market. You can choose a design from the colorful Inspirations Art Glass collection, their countless decorative glasses, and even simpler beveled glass for exactly the look you want. Provia is leading the charge with several different and beautiful obscured glasses for any room in your home.

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