26 November 2019
Featuring: LiftMaster WLED
Featuring: LiftMaster WLED



A.B.E. Doors and Windows deals in LiftMaster brand electric operators for garage doors. A recent addition to our in-stock operators is LiftMaster’s WLED. It is driven by a belt system and has a quiet yet powerful DC motor. The combination offers a soft and quiet start/stop function, smooth operation, and long-lasting service. The 12V DC motor and belt come with a lifetime warranty.

Most remarkable about the WLED is its patented corner-to-corner lighting system that makes the entire garage bright. The WLED is equipped with two LED light panels that give off 100 points of light totaling 3,100 lumens. The light is motion-activated via the wall control and will turn on automatically whenever it sees you.

The WLED also has a built-in battery backup so you can access your garage even when the power is out. Like most of LiftMaster’s operator models, it comes standard with built-in Wi-Fi and the myQ Mobile App. It has several safety features including the infrareds, which will auto-reverse the door if it senses an obstruction. The Emergency or Quick Release function will automatically reconnect to the trolley the next time you use the door should you have to disconnect it for any reason.

All in all, the WLED is an excellent operator that takes care of everything.

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