03 January 2020
Benefits of Planking
Benefits of Planking


Here’s the truth—working in an office is dull. We’re stationary all day everyday like a bunch of barnacles stuck to a ship. Lucky for us, our office manager Shannon is one of the most active people I know and she motivated my coworker, Joe, and me to start off our morning strong with our now-trademark Office Plank.

In the beginning of November, Shannon started a Three Minute Plank Challenge. The goal was to be able to complete a three minute plank. Joe and I expressed interest in doing it with her, but we all live quite far apart and don’t really have an opportunity to work-out together after work. Hence, the ABE Doors and Windows Morning Office Plank! We started off at one minute which felt like death incarnate. Now, at the end of December, we find ourselves in a position to be at a cool two minutes for the start of the New Year. We all look back on one minute planks fondly now—those were the days!

There are many benefits to planking in the office. First off, it’s a team-building exercise (literally)! Since the plank is an exercise that uses your own bodyweight, you don’t need any equipment to do it. Plank is a strength training exercise that promotes endurance, improves your skeletal strength, aids in focus, and is a reminder to breathe properly. For those of us that work in an office, the plank promotes good posture and helps diminish back pain. Planking targets muscle groups that are frequently knotted with tension so stretching them first thing allows us to decrease stress before helping our customers.

Beginning the morning with a brief exercise as a team to some upbeat music also sets the tone for our day at the office. It gives us a moment to decompress and support each other because we all want to see ourselves succeed and reach three minutes. It’s already shocking to think that one minute used to be a serious challenge and now we’re almost up to two minutes. Go us! We will be continuing our Morning Office Plank into the New Year and beyond. We invite anyone looking to improve their day to join us!

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