15 January 2020
Choosing the Right Hardware to Make Your Entrance Complete
Choosing the Right Hardware to Make Your Entrance Complete


Like any good birthday cake, it would not be complete without a rich layer of icing and perhaps some adornments as well....candles, cake toppers, celebratory words. It's the same with your entry-way, the lighting (candles) and hardware (cake toppers) you choose, all work together to make the cake a focal point for the guest of honor. Let's tackle this area one layer at a time.




The goal of entryway lighting should combine beauty and make guests feel secure at night. As an added bonus, it may lower your electric bill depending on the bulbs you choose.


Take a step back and view your front porch from the curb of your home. This will help you determine the best placement of lighting fixtures. If your door is positioned in the middle, perhaps smaller matching lanterns on either side is a good choice. A hanging style pendant or flush mounted model also complements a door that is centered. If your door sits more to the left or right, the unfilled area could accommodate a larger statement style fixture.


Settling on a style depends on your taste and the look of your home. Be prepared at the hardware store by taking measurements and choosing lighting designed for outdoor use.


If you are remodeling the entire entryway, have your electrician make sure the wiring is up to date. Now is also an opportune time to add wiring in case you are expanding the area or desire to have an outlet.

Hardware Options

Security + function + style = entry door hardware goals. You may first want to consider the type of locking feature you desire. The handle and key deadbolt combo are very popular and come in a multitude of styles to complement your door. Another option would be a keypad set that allows you to choose an entry code to unlock. Since any fixture you choose will see a lot of use, pick one that works smoothly, efficiently and is secure. Budget generously for this component, your home and the persons in it are valuable!


Again, before you start shopping, take solid measurements, especially the thickness of your door. Also note the back set dimensions, which is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole that is bored for the knob. Be familiar with cylindrical vs mortise models and take note if you need a left or right handed handle. Some models are reversible, but avoiding an additional trip to the store is always nice.


There are so many beautiful styles and finishes to choose from, it may be overwhelming. Have a few pictures on your phone of your door, it's hinges, existing hardware and the entryway as a whole to help you narrow down options. Not everything has to match in today's décor, different hardware can get a unified look if all the finishes are the same.


Tie it All Together


Planters, seating, welcome mats or a featured piece of artwork all give your entryway a personal touch and lend to curb appeal. Have fun and use these items to bring a pop of color to the area. Have fun welcoming guests to your home.


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