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23 January 2020
Provia’s Speakeasy Door
Provia’s Speakeasy Door


The 1920s was a decade of artistic, social, cultural, and economic growth. After World War I ended, the U.S. normalized itself with the mass introduction of automobiles, telephones, movies, radio, and electrical appliances in most homes. The era heralded in Women’s Right to Vote. The first movie with sound, The Jazz Singer, became a box office smash in 1927. There were milestones in aviation, seeing Charles Lindberg achieve the first solo transatlantic flight. The Chrysler Building was built in 1928 in the new Art Deco style and was then the tallest building of its time. The 1920s was both the Golden Age of Jazz and Radio.

With all these great things happening, it’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia and forget that Prohibition was also active from January, 1920 to December, 1933. Like much of our history, even Prohibition has been romanticized with restaurants and bars shaping themselves as a callback to that era of gangsters and flappers. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of giving a password and being let into a speakeasy to steal a drink under the cover of the star-spangled night? If you’d like to feel that vibe when you come home, Provia has got you covered.

Feast your eyes on Provia’s Signet fiberglass door, styled after the infamous speakeasies of the Roaring 20s. The Knotty Alder fiberglass is complete with faux-knots and non-repeating wood grain. Hand-stained in a variety of colors, you can achieve anything from a bright red door to an old-fashioned wood tone. At ten years, Provia’s finish warranty is the best in the industry.

The Speakeasy-style door completes its grandiose look with embossed high-definition panel planks, hammered metal hinge straps and clavos, and a wrought-iron hatch in the middle. The speakeasy opening is available either with a solid iron door or a seeded glass panel that swings open to receive passwords. Structurally, the Signet door is superior to other fiberglass doors with its dovetailed top and bottom rails, ensuring unmatched strength and durability. All Provia’s products are Energy Star rated to keep your home insulated.

Although the speakeasy door is totally awesome, Provia’s Knotty Alder finish is available without the extravagant quirks of the Roaring 20s. You could still pay homage to our alluring and secretive past using the Speakeasy door as an entrance to a man-cave, she-shed, or entertainment area of your home. Or, you could usher in a new era all your own—it is the Year 2020 after all!

Happy 2020s Everyone!

15 January 2020
Choosing the Right Hardware to Make Your Entrance Complete
Choosing the Right Hardware to Make Your Entrance Complete


Like any good birthday cake, it would not be complete without a rich layer of icing and perhaps some adornments as well....candles, cake toppers, celebratory words. It's the same with your entry-way, the lighting (candles) and hardware (cake toppers) you choose, all work together to make the cake a focal point for the guest of honor. Let's tackle this area one layer at a time.




The goal of entryway lighting should combine beauty and make guests feel secure at night. As an added bonus, it may lower your electric bill depending on the bulbs you choose.


Take a step back and view your front porch from the curb of your home. This will help you determine the best placement of lighting fixtures. If your door is positioned in the middle, perhaps smaller matching lanterns on either side is a good choice. A hanging style pendant or flush mounted model also complements a door that is centered. If your door sits more to the left or right, the unfilled area could accommodate a larger statement style fixture.


Settling on a style depends on your taste and the look of your home. Be prepared at the hardware store by taking measurements and choosing lighting designed for outdoor use.


If you are remodeling the entire entryway, have your electrician make sure the wiring is up to date. Now is also an opportune time to add wiring in case you are expanding the area or desire to have an outlet.

Hardware Options

Security + function + style = entry door hardware goals. You may first want to consider the type of locking feature you desire. The handle and key deadbolt combo are very popular and come in a multitude of styles to complement your door. Another option would be a keypad set that allows you to choose an entry code to unlock. Since any fixture you choose will see a lot of use, pick one that works smoothly, efficiently and is secure. Budget generously for this component, your home and the persons in it are valuable!


Again, before you start shopping, take solid measurements, especially the thickness of your door. Also note the back set dimensions, which is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole that is bored for the knob. Be familiar with cylindrical vs mortise models and take note if you need a left or right handed handle. Some models are reversible, but avoiding an additional trip to the store is always nice.


There are so many beautiful styles and finishes to choose from, it may be overwhelming. Have a few pictures on your phone of your door, it's hinges, existing hardware and the entryway as a whole to help you narrow down options. Not everything has to match in today's décor, different hardware can get a unified look if all the finishes are the same.


Tie it All Together


Planters, seating, welcome mats or a featured piece of artwork all give your entryway a personal touch and lend to curb appeal. Have fun and use these items to bring a pop of color to the area. Have fun welcoming guests to your home.


03 January 2020
Benefits of Planking
Benefits of Planking


Here’s the truth—working in an office is dull. We’re stationary all day everyday like a bunch of barnacles stuck to a ship. Lucky for us, our office manager Shannon is one of the most active people I know and she motivated my coworker, Joe, and me to start off our morning strong with our now-trademark Office Plank.

In the beginning of November, Shannon started a Three Minute Plank Challenge. The goal was to be able to complete a three minute plank. Joe and I expressed interest in doing it with her, but we all live quite far apart and don’t really have an opportunity to work-out together after work. Hence, the ABE Doors and Windows Morning Office Plank! We started off at one minute which felt like death incarnate. Now, at the end of December, we find ourselves in a position to be at a cool two minutes for the start of the New Year. We all look back on one minute planks fondly now—those were the days!

There are many benefits to planking in the office. First off, it’s a team-building exercise (literally)! Since the plank is an exercise that uses your own bodyweight, you don’t need any equipment to do it. Plank is a strength training exercise that promotes endurance, improves your skeletal strength, aids in focus, and is a reminder to breathe properly. For those of us that work in an office, the plank promotes good posture and helps diminish back pain. Planking targets muscle groups that are frequently knotted with tension so stretching them first thing allows us to decrease stress before helping our customers.

Beginning the morning with a brief exercise as a team to some upbeat music also sets the tone for our day at the office. It gives us a moment to decompress and support each other because we all want to see ourselves succeed and reach three minutes. It’s already shocking to think that one minute used to be a serious challenge and now we’re almost up to two minutes. Go us! We will be continuing our Morning Office Plank into the New Year and beyond. We invite anyone looking to improve their day to join us!

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