24 February 2020
Inspirations Art Glass
Inspirations Art Glass


There’s nothing better than a pop of color to spice up something, whether it be a drab desk in an office or a bright pillow on a comfortable couch. Color touches our entire world and now, thanks to Provia, color can touch our homes too. Provia offers their patented Inspirations Art Glass to perk up any entrance door, storm door, patio door, or window glass. A design is first laid out by Provia’s computer software and then applied on the glass by a CNC machine. All of the patterns are created by Provia’s employees and you can bring them your own idea to ‘inspire’ a creation especially for you. There are no limits to the colorful options!

The Inspirations series offers almost-endless color possibilities as well. The resin that makes up the Inspirations design is available in four colors right off the bat. Five color palettes are then offered to fill in the pattern. Each piece of glass is hand-stained. As with all handmade products, there are possibilities of color variations, striations, and other natural effects. These are not considered flaws, but instances that make the Inspirations Glass one-of-a-kind. However, the Inspirations Glass is backed by Provia’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and the glass is guaranteed not to fade, blister, or peel.

Provia offers sixteen standard designs in addition to the possibility of your own custom pattern. With four floral patterns, a variety of modern and old-school stained glass styles, the seaside Harbor and star-spangled Americana designs, and the cross-hatch of Westin, there is something offered for everyone. Come into our showroom to take a look at the Lincoln and Vintage Inspirations Glass that we have on display. I assure you that there’s a color scheme just for you to give your home a little POP!

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