16 March 2020
Green Living Tips for Your Home
Green Living Tips for Your Home


This coming April will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Originally started to bring awareness to air and water pollution, the event is now recognized in over 190 countries. The environmental issues may have changed over the years, but the focus of helping our planet remains the same. Let's take a look at some of the ways that are making a big impact now.

Sustainable Goods

These are items that are usually made from raw materials (think bamboo, hemp & organic cotton) that serve a function now, but will also be easily broken down or recycled in the future.

Recent examples would be people using metal straws instead of plastic or choosing reusable sandwich bags in lieu of the fold-over baggies.

Around your home you could ditch the paper towels & use cotton cloths to clean up spills or to do your spring cleaning with. A toss in the washer and they are good to go again and again.

Invest in a great water bottle and pitcher/filter system. Choosing to stop buying bottled water makes a huge impact in terms of plastic that fills up our landfills. Let the whole family choose a fun water bottle and encourage refilling from the pitcher!

Have you noticed that plastic bags from the stores are getting thinner and thinner? Help the environment AND avoid your groceries falling out by using canvas bags. Keep a stash in your car for shopping trips.

Borrow Instead of Buying

It may be tempting to purchase that new.... power-tool, book, movie, baby gear, sports equipment....you get the idea. Why not consider borrowing the item if you can? There are so many items that we only use a few times, borrowing...or even trying to find the item second hand, keeps things out of landfills and can save you some money to boot!

Rethink Your Next Remodeling Materials

Using materials like bamboo, cork & hemp when remodeling areas of the home are a big construction trend. Consumers like the fact that these materials are sustainable, affordable and improve a home's resale value. They are also durable and look beautiful. Another trend is seeking out replacement materials, or refreshing older items instead of buying new. The environment gets a big boost from lowering emissions on the manufacturing & transportation of newer goods and natural resources are saved as well.

Compost Bins Are In!

Give your garden a healthy boost by adding your composted banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds. Small bins for the kitchen are less than $20 or you could try your hand at making one. You-Tube has loads of easy instructional videos that will have you ready to compost in a jiffy. Reduced waste and better tasting tomatoes are a winning combo.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is still a great motto.

Keep looking for small ways to make changes in and around your home. Every gesture is beneficial for ourselves and our planet!

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