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16 March 2020
Green Living Tips for Your Home
Green Living Tips for Your Home


This coming April will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Originally started to bring awareness to air and water pollution, the event is now recognized in over 190 countries. The environmental issues may have changed over the years, but the focus of helping our planet remains the same. Let's take a look at some of the ways that are making a big impact now.

Sustainable Goods

These are items that are usually made from raw materials (think bamboo, hemp & organic cotton) that serve a function now, but will also be easily broken down or recycled in the future.

Recent examples would be people using metal straws instead of plastic or choosing reusable sandwich bags in lieu of the fold-over baggies.




06 March 2020
A is for AccuVent!
A is for AccuVent!


AccuVent is ProVia’s proprietary design for both the venting and locking of their patio doors. It features a two-part mechanism that connects at both the midpoint of the panel and ratchets at the top of the frame for multiple venting options. It also acts as a secondary lock so say goodbye to putting a stick in your door!

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