16 April 2020
Window Safety April 2020
Window Safety April 2020


As you go about prepping your windows for the warm breezes of spring & summer, take a few minutes to ensure your windows are safe for kids, adults and pets alike.

You may not think of it when planning for emergencies, but if you have a two story (or more) home, you should have an escape plan from those upper floors. Do you have a window on each floor that can be opened quickly and support a ladder for people to climb down? Look at window air conditioners too, are they blocking a potential exit? Also note what is at the bottom of an escape route.....this summer may be a great time to plant some bushes that may provide a softer landing should a fall occur. Have a family meeting and devise a plan that everyone knows and can follow. You may even want to have a trial run to ensure all goes well and that all bases are covered.

Any window on a second or third floor should have safety measures that make sure no child or pet could fall out. Never rely on a screen to prevent a fall. If you are letting in fresh air, open the window from the top. If that is not an option, many window units have small guards that can be used so the window only opens a few inches. Close supervision of any child playing in a second story room is recommended as well as instructing a child on window safety.

First floor windows should maintain the same guidelines. Even a 2 or 3 foot drop can be harmful. Note furniture placement....does it encourage climbing to an open window? You may want to move items to limit access.

Let's talk about window coverings and cords. Any long cords should be gathered and kept out of reach of curious hands....or paws, as they can pose a choking threat. Even long, flowing curtains should be tied or secured back if children are at play around them. Hardware stores make several devices for securing cords neatly.

Always make sure windows are secure and locked when not in use.

Enjoy the warmer temps and have a safe spring!


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