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15 November 2021
The Small Business Difference
The Small Business Difference

In this day and age we have a world of goods at our fingertips via the internet. We can order a product that will be at our door in just a few days or look up information to solve practically any problem. While these solutions are handy, they lack personal service and attention to detail, which are still important. Let's not forget the ways small businesses can enhance your shopping experience.

The difference of knowledge.

Have you ever done a bit of research to replace a part, ordered it, only to have it not fit? Now you’re on the phone, chatting with someone miles away and getting little resolved. Small business owners spend hours making sure they know their inventory inside and out. You can rest assure if a replacement part does not fit or work properly, they will get to the bottom of it. Earning your trust is essential to the heart of their business.

27 October 2021
Know the Dangers of Lead Poisoning
Know the Dangers of Lead Poisoning


You may not think lead exposure is still an issue after all these years, but approximately 4 million households in the United States have children living in them that are being exposed to lead. It is shocking to know that over 1 million children, most under the age of 5, have lead poisoning. This is why it remains so important to identify where lead may be present, recognize the signs of lead poisoning and seek treatment if necessary.


That fixer upper may look charming, but the walls and woodwork may contain lead based paints if the home was built prior to 1978. 

30 September 2021
The Fish Tank Conversation
Window Wells, Water, and You

On the heels of every rainstorm, the phone here at A.B.E. Doors & Windows starts to ring off the hook. Every third call begins with the same dialogue, “After the rain last night, I need to replace my basement windows,” someone will say. To which I begin our patented, ‘Fish Tank Conversation.’ Here’s the long and short of it.



15 September 2021
Prepping Your Home for the Seasons Ahead
Prepping Your Home for the Seasons Ahead


We’ve had a few days that remind us the cooler seasons are coming...along with the weather it brings. Now is the time to be proactive in getting your home and garage ready for harsher weather. Here are some suggestions to keep the heat in, and the water out of your home and garage.


Outside the Home

Remember last year’s snow that dropped 2 feet in most areas? As it melted, many homes experienced leaking and damage around windows and doors that had small gaps or cracking where a nice tight seal should have been. If you have any windows or doors that are ground level, check them for gaps that may be problematic. You may be able to address smaller cracks by replacing caulking or using a spray insulation product. If you see larger holes or rot, replacement of the whole window may be required and a professional should be called.

13 August 2021
Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced
Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced


We all appreciate getting the most life out of items around our home, but there comes a time when things need to be replaced. Your garage door may still look okay and function well, but it is important to know the signs of when the door needs to be upgraded. Consider the following:



Frequent Maintenance Calls

Yearly maintenance is common, but if you find yourself calling the service techs more often, it may be time to replace. The time and money spent on these calls, plus labor and parts can add up quickly. Not to mention a faulty door could pose harm to your family and the contents of your garage. Investing in a new door is a wise investment.

16 July 2021
How to Choose a Welcoming Color for Your Front Door
How to Choose a Welcoming Color for Your Front Door


Ready to add some color to your front door, but not sure where to start? We’ve come up with some great ways to try a little color or go bold and really make a statement.

Get ready to be inspired.



A Classic Approach

Not ready to fully commit to a lot of color? These suggestions still up the ante on your front door, while adding delightful curb appeal.

15 June 2021
Basement Window Maintenance Tips
Basement Window Maintenance Tips


We don’t often talk about the basement area when it comes to doors and windows. If left unchecked it, can be a hot spot for drafts, moisture and leaks. It is important to check over these areas and make the appropriate repairs.


Door/Cellar Doors

These two largest areas of access should be checked at least once a year. Start by inspecting the frame around the door, is it still tight or are you seeing some warped areas or evidence that it may be pulling away from the door itself? Also note the wear to weather stripping or caulking. Replacing these can be a smart, cost effective solution. Safely check for air leaks by lighting an incense stick and gently move it around the doors frame. Note any areas that blow the smoke.

Check for any water damage as well. Look for discoloration, sagging paint around the area or the presence of mold. Mold can be tricky to identify at times, look for small white or black dots or give the area a sniff test. 

11 May 2021
Garage Door Safety Month
Garage Door Safety Month



Did you know that your garage door is the largest, heaviest moving object in your home? As such, you want to make sure this area is safe for all family members that use it. Watch out for these possible areas of trouble and take steps to correct them today.


Faulty Safety Sensors

These sensors are used to reverse the direction of the door should something cross their beam. Over time the sensors can get moved or debris can block the beam, making the sensors unable to read if an object is in it’s path. You can test them by closing the garage door and using a long handled broom to break the beam. If the door does not stop immediately and reverse it’s direction, it would be wise to call a professional to trouble shoot and fix this problem.

07 April 2021
5 Common Window Hazards
5 Common Window Hazards


As we transition into warmer days, many of us are opening windows to allow the cool breezes in. As you reopen your home this spring, take note of these potential window hazards and correct any areas to ensure your home is safe for all.



Depending on the screen to keep things in.

Window screens do an excellent job of keeping bugs and critters from entering your home. They are not designed to handle a child or pet pushing on them from the inside. Don’t rely on them to handle that kind of weight. 

15 March 2021
Signs You May Need to Replace Your Garage Door Opener
Signs You May Need to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

We all have long lists of home improvements we want to get accomplished. Replacing your garage door opener is probably not on the top of that list, but at some point, it will need to be replaced. Look for these tell-tale signs it may be time to swap this model for one that has more power, better reliability and smart home features.


The overall unit seems sluggish.

Your opener works hard to raise your garage door every day. The average opener is lifting and closing that heavy door about 1500 times a year. While garage doors, with proper maintenance, can last 20 to 30 years, the life expectancy of an opener is around 10 years. All that wear and tear will start to catch up eventually. If you see that the door is opening slower than usual or seems to be catching and jerking slightly, it is probably time to replace your unit. 

17 February 2021
Winter Weather Insulation
Winter Weather Insulation


Can you really work in this kind of weather?” We hear this a lot when the temperatures turn chilly and the snow starts to fly. The answer is YES, we can complete many product installations, so you don’t need to delay areas that need replacement.

14 January 2021
Fresh Starts for Your Home
Fresh Starts for Your Home


I think we can all agree, this past year allowed us to really see our homes in a new light. Perhaps this light has revealed some areas that need a little TLC. Consider the following areas or ways you can give your home a boost this coming year.


Be a Clutter Buster

Organizing your home is one of the best ways to start fresh. It can also seem the most overwhelming if you have a lot of people and all the stuff that people come with. If you can focus on two principles, this task can be achieved. One-get rid of things you don’t use or don’t like. Two-only bring things into the home that you need. Both of these things will take time to master, but when you do, you will find the task of maintaining clutter much easier. Start with one room, really evaluate it’s contents and make a keep, donate and trash pile. You may find yourself with extra storage as you go from room to room. Utilize that new found space to help organize the items you are keeping. Invest in quality shelving, baskets or caddies for a homey look.

06 December 2020
Festive Window Decorating
Festive Window Decorating


We’ve spent a lot of our year peering from the inside out. Why not cheer up your windows this holiday season with some simple decorating ideas that will delight you and anyone passing by.


Go Natural

Gather some sprigs of holly, evergreens, birch branches and pine cones. Place in vases of varying height and width. Tie a ribbon around each vessel and display on a window sill.

A simple wreath hanging in every window never fails to delight. A larger window would look stunning with 3 smaller wreathes, hung at various lengths.

A wire hoop with evergreens and holly covering just the bottom portion, makes a clean, modern expression. 

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