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01 October 2012
Time to Consider Storm Door Replacement

It's a little strange to think about it, but in less than three months we'll be in the middle of the holiday season. Like it or not, winter isn't far off - so now's the time to get started on storm door replacement that can give you better performance when foul weather hits.

Many storm doors still in use were built and installed 10 years ago or longer. Older wood-core doors often rot from the inside out; they may also delaminate and crack. Hard-used aluminum storm doors show dents, dings and wear. Any older door may no longer close and fit the way it was designed to. And in the wintertime that can make your home more expensive to heat and harder to keep comfortable.

Many ABE customers like the convenience, performance and sheer good looks of our top-of-the-line storm doors, the Spectrum Series from ProVia. These premium doors feature superior style and outstanding functionality, including a feature that's really popular with homeowners who are tired of swapping out screens and glass each spring and fall. It's called the InVent retractable screening system. When the change of seasons means its time to switch from screen to glass, the screen simply retracts to a built-in roller tube inside the door. Slide the glass in place and you're set. You don't have to remove, replace or store framed screens and windows, and the changeover is a snap.

Many of our customers also favor ProVia's workhorse Deluxe line. Made with standard-type screens and windows, Deluxe storm doors are available in a wide range of beautiful styles that complement the look of any home. They're built with tempered safety glass and durable finishes, and protected by a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty.

Whether you select from these or other lines of ProVia storm doors, you can choose doors in an array of colors and customize them with your preferred hardware styles and finishes, including satin nickel, bright brass or aged bronze. You also have the convenient, secure option of setting up the lock so that one key opens both the storm door and the entrance door inside. Contact ABE Doors & Windows today for more on the perfect selection to keep this winter's storms at bay.



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