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10 June 2011
Can your garage door weather the storm?

Recent storms and tornadoes throughout the country have experts reminding everyone that garage doors, doors, and windows can play a significant role in protecting homes during severe storms.  

The most budget-friendly ways to keep a home or business safe is by protecting openings like garage doors, windows, and doors.  Doors and windows are often the weakest link during a storm.  Having a new and sturdy garage door can protect a home or business from bad weather and natural disasters. A strong garage door will help protect your home from generating internal pressure during a storm with heavy winds.  If your garage door is not strong enough and fails to hold up during a storm, pressure can increase and knock out walls and ceilings in the home.

Make sure that you're protected by contacting A.B.E. Doors & Windows for some cost effective ways to stormproof your home or business.  A few upgrades can prevent dangerous weather from having disastrous consequences.  Allow us to help put your mind at ease, prevent costly damages and help you confidently weather any storm.


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