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28 June 2013
The End of Design Guesswork

When you're thinking about a new entrance door for your home, the ProVia line is a great place to start. Choose a steel or fiberglass model - either way, you'll get a door that's as durable as it is beautiful, with the look of real wood to complement any existing décor.

Still, we find that our customers really like to visualize what a particular door will look like once it's installed. Most of us don't have the fine-tuned design imagination to do that - and no one wants to make a choice they won't be comfortable with in the long run.

The good news: technology has erased that concern forever. ProVia now offers an exciting software service that lets you see exactly how things will look, before you ever install the door.

Taking advantage of this capability is very simple. Snap a digital picture of your house. Bring in or e-mail us a .jpg file of that photo, and we'll load it into the program. Then you tell us which ProVia doors you're thinking you might like. The software will plug each of those doors into the image of your house, so there's no guesswork about it - no ifs, ands or buts. You'll see in advance exactly what your door will look like, even if it's one of ProVia's specialized custom models.

Pay us a visit or call us at (610) 398-2430. Using this software is fun, and it's the perfect way to make sure you get exactly the entrance door you want.

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